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Job Title   Website Marketing
Salary   Rs.5000/- to Rs.10,000/-
Company Name   Black Kingdom Enterprise
Type   Part Time & Home Based
Location   Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Job Description   We thank you for your interest in Black Kingdom Enterprise.

The Website Marketing Job is simple, you have to find customer who needed to host website. And make them to purchase Domain & Hosting Space in our company. For which you will get paid.

For Example:
If anyone known to you ask for good web hosting service. You will refer some companies like Godady or Google. They are good company but they will not pay you for referring customers to them. But if you refer those customers to us, we can provide them with quality website and also you will be paid an amount as commission.

Please refer the below table regarding the commission amount.
No. Of Customer Per Customer Per Month
1 - 5 Rs.500 Rs.2,500
6 - 10 Rs.1,000 Rs.10,000
11 - 15 Rs.1,500 Rs.22,500

Is there a target?
Yes, But its not mandatory to achive, The target is only to decide how much to pay you for a month.

When will i get paid?
1st to 5th of every month.

Will i get paid for the renewal of domain?
No, Only for the first year of domain purchase you will get paid.

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